Let’s innovate together.

We provide our customers with our technologies and support them in all their needs for the development of new formulations and pharmaceutical forms.

Sterile Products

We work closed-tip ampoules from 1 to 10 ml, labeled or silk-screen printed. We fill vials from 1 to 50 ml.


Liquids in ampoules and vials

  • Solutions
  • Suspensions
  • Aseptically filled or terminally sterilized

Powders in vials

  • Aseptically filled sterile powders
Non-sterile products

We can supply vials from 5 to 250 ml in glass, in plastic with child proof closure. We fill aluminum tubes from 2 to 120 gr.


Semi-solids: creams, gel, ointments liquids in plastic and glass bottles

Manufacturing capacity

The continuous investments in technologies and equipments contribute to optimize the processes, improving the yields and the productivity of the lines, allowing us to have good residual capacity for the production of sterile ampoules and vials.

Manufacturing departments

We offer different kind of packaging from single pack to Hospital one and we can automatically perform visual inspection and container closure tests.


  • 3 sterile departments for liquid formulations in ampoules and vials
  • 1 sterile department for sterile powder vial filling
  • 2 semi-solid departments for topical use products (ointment, cream, gel)
  • 1 non-sterile liquid department (syrups, oral drops)