Work with us

Work with us

Come into our world and experience the feeling of finding the job you were looking for.

Lisapharma is a dynamic company with an innovative vision, focused on future, that allows the staff to learn and grow together. A company with its own strong points in research and development, High quality and professional growth of its team.

Lisapharma is an international organization that gives space to the research and gives responsibilities to young people.

We believe in teamwork. We take advantage of the opportunities that arise and above all distinguish ourselves for our people, with whom we are committed to develop paths of continuous learning and skills growth.

We implement professional growth paths aimed at filling current and future training needs, in line with company strategies. We propose training actions aimed at increasing technical skills and enhancing human resources. We have contacts and professional exchanges with some of the most important Italian Universities such as the University of Parma and the University of Naples.