In Lisapharma's vision, the environment and social responsibility occupy a paramount importance place. We are working to make our contribution to protect the environment and to support the community well-being.


The forest of Lisapharma

With the contribution of  Treebu S.r.l. S.B. we have created a forest of 100 Paulownia plants in order to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and to obtain other environmental benefits. Look now at our dashboard with the geolocation of the forest and other interesting information.

Click here: The forest of Lisapharma


Environmental responsibility

We have contributed to preserve the Venice lagoon where macroalgae grow and proliferate,which significantly capture carbon dioxide. With this initiative, Lisapharma has helped to remove 10 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.


Social responsibility

Lisapharma supports Banco Farmaceutico (not-for-profit organization) with donations of medicinal products for emergencies.


Gender equality

Lisapharma offers equal employment and professional growth opportunities to women and men. At the moment more than 55% of the total number of employees is female, of which a significant portion holds top positions.


Employee well-being and health

Human capital has always been considered a great value for Lisapharma. With the aim of strengthening prevention and promoting a healthy lifestyle, Lisapharma offers its employees some conventions in cooperation with health and diagnostic centres, gyms, swimming pools and spas.