Lisapharma product EDROMA won SME Instrumens Phase 1 grant


R&D & Innovation. Lisapharma product EDROMA won SME Instrumens Phase 1 grant.

Among the number of applications to the EU Program SME Instruments, Lisapharma got from the European Commission the Phase 1 grant for the pharmaceutical development of the medicinal product Edroma.

Edroma is a new medicine based on a nanotechnology platform to treat malignant high-grade gliomas (HGG), in particular glioblastoma (GBM). GBM is the most aggressive type of brain cancer for which there are no satisfactory curative medicines.

Edroma medicinal product for injection is a dispersion of calcium phosphate nanoparticles loaded with the active ingredient zoledronic acid, prepared by a self-assembling procedure. This product is based on a proprietary nanotechnology exclusively licensed to Lisapharma (De Rosa et al. WO2012042024A1, EP2621539 A1, US9226897 B2).

Compared in animals to the current brain-cancer therapies, Edroma demonstrated a significant improvement characterized by higher efficacy and lower toxicity.

EDROMA got the orphan medicine designation from EMA (EMA/COMP/509421/2016) and FDA (Nov 29, 2016; # 16-5436).

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